The Oasis City Economy

Billing Economy System in the Real World

The Billing Economy System can also be applied in the real world to improve cash flow issues for entire supply chains. The Lock-Key, a special feature of the billing system, controls the system and can prevent illegal use of content or physical objects when payment is overdue. Moreover, blockchain technology provides the protection against hacking, forgery, and falsification. Furthermore, end-users are automatically charged with the payment according to the service usage period length and the service usage count via smart contracts. Meanwhile, revenues can fairly and transparently be shared with relevant partners.

Billing Economy System in OASIS CITY Platform

The Billing Economy System is the foundational system that develops and fosters the Oasis City ecosystem. Oasis City ecosystem participants can register and generate content through the Billing Economy System and set the rate for revenue sharing per contributor of the concerned content. Also, blockchain powered ledger technology can guarantee the ownership on content to individual participants. Furthermore, transparency in operations can be guaranteed as the payment of operating income cannot be forged or falsified.

Issuance of Individual Tokens

The Oasis City Platform enables fair distribution of income to all participants through the billing economy system when producing content. And each content will be issued its own token, which can be exchanged on the Oasis City exchange, and each content will have an independent economic system and ecosystem configuration.

Key Currency

The key currency on the Oasis City platform is the OSC, and the consumer ecosystem will continue to expand in the future. We will also try to increase the value of the OSC coin more reliably by implementing our own buy-back system and incineration to prevent inflation.