We started by asking two questions:

  • What would need to happen to make remittance easy, simple, and inexpensive?
  • What would a world in which cryptocurrencies could be used like normal funds in our everyday life look like?

The answer is Oasis Pay!

Oasis Pay is the Mastercard with a new concept Рyou can convert cryptocurrencies into prepaid cards and use everywhere in the world. Oasis Pay cards are issued by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and not controlled by local government. Oasis Pay cards can be conveniently used everywhere in the world, by anyone. Oasis Pay cards can be used at any Mastercard franchise. (37 million franchises around the world, except in China). The Oasis Pay website/app updates just like mobile banking and updates all the transactions real-time.

How does it work?

  • Register the card number in the app and check transactions/ withdrawals/ balances real-time.
  • You can convert your cash and cryptocurrency into prepaid cards on the website.
  • You can charge your prepaid card on your web/app unlimited times.


  • Convenient. Reliable. Safe. Fast. Economical
  • Register the card with your passport without verifying your credit rating
  • Make transactions without bank accounts
  • Use franchises around the world
  • Get Real-time history updates
  • Reasonable exchange commission
  • Transactions between cards are exempt from commission
  • Special discounts and benefits by partner franchises