Oasis City Hardware

The Moiin X1 VR Suit

The X1 Suit is a motion capture suit developed to overcome the weaknesses of existing motion capture technology. Optical motion capture equipment has problems such as blind spots due to camera installation space and structure, and equipment using IMU’s is vulnerable to external environmental factors such as external magnetic fields, making it difficult to use in various situations. Since the X1 Suit is attached to the body and recognizes motion, it can track motion accurately by using the 3D FBG sensors that can recognize the precise movement without the influence of external environments and without the need for external equipment. Therefore, it can be used simultaneously with other game accessories in VR games, so that not only can you create a more realistic game environment, but also can be used for training or testing in a special environment.

FullBody Motion Tracking

Optical fiber based full body motion tracking system is enabled by the combination of the laser scan position tracking technology and real time motion capture technology. Real time motion capture technology achieves high level of accuracy and miniaturization in size by adopting optical fiber based sensors. The optical fiber sensors employ industrial grade optical fibers to measure their deflection which represent motion of joints to nanometer resolution. The full body motion tracking system has the overall resolution of 1cm.

Moiin has worked closely with faculty and staff at the Korean Institute of Science and Technology to develop the patented technologies used in the creation of the XI Suits and Fiber-Bragg Grating technologies.