Secure Cryps

Purchase Cryps (bullets) or get them through an airdrop!


Access the Monster Field

Gain access to the secured Monster Hunting Field using your Cryps and get ready!

Hunt Monsters

Shoot your Cryps at the monsters in the hunting field! Each shot takes down their energy a little bit!

Obtain Monsters

Catch monsters by hitting their weak points! If you are the last one to hit their weak spot, you have captured your first CryptoMon!


Convert into $OSC

Collect monsters and later convert them to $OSC or keep them and trade them yourself! Let your CryptoMon become your best friend!

Exchange for Fiat

Change the cryptocurrency you have acquired into fiat (USD/Won)

Share with your Friends!

Take your friends out with your newfound monster-hunting rewards and tell them all about CryptoMon and Oasis City!


Join the rest of the settlers of Planet Crypto in defeating the CryptoMon! Coming to Google Play and the App Store soon!