About the $OSC Token

Some Basics

OSC is the key foundational currency in the Oasis City platform. Users can purchase OSC through the ICO or earn through various activities in the Oasis City ecosystem. OSC will initially be issues as an ERC20 token, but would be swapped into more suitable custom blockchain developed for the Oasis City platform in the future. A total of 12 billion OSC will be issued, with the first 35% available for purchase during the Sales periods.

ICO Fund Distribution

Since the ICO has finished, below is a list of the major categories for fund distribution. 

  • Core and Software Development 40% 40%
  • Marketing 20% 20%
  • Operations 25% 25%
  • Security and Auditing 5% 5%
  • 3rd Party Development Support 10% 10%

$OSC Pricing and Trading

$OSC can be acquired through various exchanges. If you are an institutional investor and interested in
large-lot purchases or sales, please contact us directly at investors@oasiscity.io

$OSC Trades On: