Moiin Co., Ltd. is a world leader in the development of global VR platforms. With a focus on customer satisfaction through excellent technology and content, Moiin is committed to leading the world through the next technological revolution.

First, the goal is to create an ecosystem that provides various VR contents such as games, shopping, education, culture, and sports by building the Oasis City VR platform.

Second, based on the world’s first FBG sensor, we have developed a VR motion suit with motion haptic technology to grow into a global company with 5G technology in various industries such as medical, military, telecommunications and games.

Third, we provide global mobile game services that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Fourth, we are making efforts to proactively respond to the blockchain and fintech industries in line with the 4th industrial era, increase business competitiveness, and continue sustainable growth.

All employees of Moiin Co., Ltd. have emerged to provide unlimited experience in real life through endless technological innovations and breakthrough research and development with the intention of becoming the best in the ICT industry.

As a global content and IT company, Moiin has been devoted to customer satisfaction based on its outstanding technical power and remarkable content quality.

Moiin has been recognized as an excellent company due to its ceaseless efforts for technical innovation and groundbreaking R&D, in conjunction with all of the employees’ determination to reach the top in the ICT industry.

Moreover, we at Moiin are attracting more different customers by developing educational content and mobile platforms that even children and students can enjoy.

Our advance into the blockchain business is an aggressive response to the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. More efforts are being made to increase business competitiveness and achieve sustainable growth.

We will not be satisfied with what has been achieved to keep the value of “T.I.P.O” and to create a richer and happier future.

Thank you.

Ok Jae-Yun - "Mr. Ok"

Founder and CEO, Moiin Group