About the $OSG Token

Some Basics


OSG is a currency that will be used in many game ecosystems which will be consisted on Oasis City Platform.

A variety of content extends the gaming ecosystem and is used as a real business model.

There are numerous VR contents using X1 Suits as a business model. X1 suits that overcame the existing limited optical VR limitations have medical, educational, entertainment, culture and VR games.

It also applies to a variety of mobile games that can be easily and fun to enjoy in a busy modern society and presents a new paradigm with infinite addiction to the boring mobile game market.

The offline industry with a billing system is a solution that completely solves the various problems faced by conglomerates, small merchants. Transparent compensation and profit distribution are possible.

The perfect virtuous circle structural system of an offline store that Moiin is preparing as actual use will prove its value.